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Jack Josephsen


Jack was born in Denmark and lived in Spain during his early childhood before his family moved to Australia in 1983.

Right from his early childhood, Jack demonstrated a natural flair for problem solving that eventually took him down the path of an electrical engineering degree at the University of Southern Queensland in Toowoomba. After graduating with honours, he started working for a specialist electrical contracting company in Brisbane and put his problem-solving skills to the test as a manager of large projects such as the new fleet of “City Cats” the council was launching at the time.

Before long, the lure of tackling problems in his own business became too hard to ignore and Jack decided to embark on his own entrepreneurial career. Tech Adhesives, as it was known back then, was the first company Jack founded in 1999. It was set up as a Research and Development entity that looked at three specific fields of chemistry – rubber, specialist adhesive primers and epoxies – of which epoxies became the primary field of interest. 

Prominent epoxy and resin flooring author Jack Josephsen in his business, Real World Epoxies.

Resin Flooring Career

With his work in epoxies and career in resin flooring underway, Jack quickly developed an interest in formulating and manufacturing to find safer, real-world products. Along the way, his desire to problem solve in other areas took him beyond products and into specification, application and project management. 

His broad skillset and unique approach to resin flooring gave rise to businesses like Defence Floors and Floorchef, which combined high-quality resin technology and specialist flooring know how to deliver custom resin floors for clients such as the Royal Australian Navy, Footlocker, Baskin Robbins and Adelaide Oval.

Perhaps his greatest impact, however, has come through his efforts to share the knowledge and experience he’s gained in over two decades of industry involvement. This has been in the form of online education, industry training courses, support groups and resin flooring clubs, and in 2018 he also played a key role in establishing the first ever resin flooring trade qualification to be approved by a federal government.

Looking ahead, Jack’s as passionate as ever about helping the resin flooring industry become bigger, stronger and more professional.

His mission is to help solve problems for resin flooring businesses to give them more clarity, direction and confidence. By doing so, he can help build a stronger industry that is capable of reaching its full potential and becoming a mainstream flooring option alongside timber, carpet, tiles and vinyl.

Other Resin Flooring Ventures

Besides Real World Epoxies, Jack has been the driving force behind many resin flooring ventures. Below is a short summary of the other products and services he’s currently involved with:

The logo for one of Jack Josephsen's businesses, Resin Jack.

Jack became known as “Resin Jack” while sitting on the committee to create a new Flooring Technology qualification in Australia. He created this website to provide personal product, project and industry support to installers, manufacturers, specifiers and training organisations.

Visit Resin Jack

The logo for an organisation founded by Jack Josephsen, Resin Flooring International.

Jack is the founder of Resin Flooring International - a learning and collaboration community for those wanting to step up within the resin flooring industry.

In keeping with Jack’s personal vision, its mission is to build a global community of resin flooring professionals that want to STEP UP and improve themselves, their staff and their companies. By doing so, they can collectively improve the industry and lay strong foundations for future growth.

Visit Resin Flooring International 

The logo for one of Jack Josephsen's training and education businesses, Epoxy School.

One of the biggest problems Jack identified when he first entered the industry was a knowledge gap between the manufacturers and epoxy users that was causing preventable failures and stopping the industry from ever reaching its full potential. To address this concern, he created Epoxy School.

What started out in 2010 as an information hub for epoxy contractors to learn more about their craft, slowly became the No.1 destination for beginners through the popularity of Jack’s online courses that focused strongly on the good habits behind successful epoxy flooring.

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The logo for Jack Josephsen's resin flooring project management businesses, Floortick.

Floortick offers powerful project management tools Jack developed over 20 years of successful resin flooring work with the Royal Australian Navy.

Through the available apps, every detail on resin flooring projects - from client contact through to end of warranty - can be easily and safely recorded. Not only does the step-by-step, proven process ensure the job is done right, but the program also doubles as an invaluable marketing tool and job reference for its users.

*Floortick is available to members of Resin Flooring International

The logo for Jack Josephsen's surface preparation businesses, Diamabrush Australia.

Diamabrush is a tool designed to complement the traditional forms of surface preparation. It easily fits onto any swing machine or Polivac and is fitted with flexible blades that can move with the slab to either prep concrete or between coats.

After first seeing it in action on a trip to the World of Concrete in the US, Jack partnered with the original manufacturers to set up Diamabrush Australia and give installers in this country more capability when it came to surface preparation.

Visit Diamabrush Australia

Jack Josephsen's epoxy installer handbook.

In 2014, Jack published his first book in the form of a 210-page epoxy installer handbook titled: “Finally, real answers for real contractors – Industrial Flooring”. As the title suggests, this book is all about giving real answers to over 100 common questions that Jack received from discussions with installers from all over the world.

Read more about the Epoxy Handbook

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Our Vision

To help build a strong resin flooring industry that sits alongside timber, carpet, tiles and vinyl as a mainstream flooring option.

Our Mission

To  eliminate preventable failures
that hurt the resin flooring industry
and prevent it from reaching its full potential. 

Our Promise
To only supply proven, reliable, safe products, with no sales talk, and a commitment to help get the best possible outcome for their projects.
Our Values
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