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Resin flooring specification - avoiding headaches with the right flooring brand

Today’s post continues the series I wrote for my decorative resin flooring brand, Floorchef, which was aimed at helping architects, interior designers and other specifiers avoid common flooring specification headaches.

In the first couple of posts, I armed you with some important questions on the right flooring technology and gave a few pointers on marketing awareness to make sure you chose the right resin flooring path.

The next step from here is to hone in on the right brand within that branch of resin flooring. To avoid setting yourself up for some big headaches down the track, you should focus on finding the answer to this one basic question: “Is there a resin flooring brand that specialises in my kind of project?”

Decorative for decorative, industrial for industrial

Specialise is the key word here. If your project involves a decorative epoxy floor, your primary aim should be to identify the brands that do it particularly well. It’s no different to other goods and services really. Just as you wouldn’t head out to your local fish and chip shop if you wanted a fine dining experience, you wouldn’t use an industrial flooring brand for a decorative floor, or a decorative flooring brand for an industrial floor. In the world of floor coatings and flooring brands, the contrasts really can be that stark!

Decorative resin floor finish in home with polished concrete look. Industrial resin flooring in chemical plant with water on surface.

Epoxy specialists live and breathe what they do!

Many flooring brands will promote themselves across the widest possible range of applications and use a scattering of jobs in these fields to “prove” their suitability, but, is it their core business? Is it their passion? Is it what they’ve spent countless hours developing and optimising their products for, or is it just another application where the results might be considered good enough? Specialists are experts for a reason and by choosing to work with the right resin flooring brand, you’ll get a whole host of benefits besides just the quality of the end product.

Take care and keep smiling,

Jack Josephsen

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