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Epoxy Flooring Handbook

Everyone has seen or knows of industrial flooring contractors that have "made it". The ones who are always busy, but never run off their feet; who seem to get great results every time and don't have to deal with disputes; who run their own race without having to fight for every job.

How did they get to that point? Every story is different, but all of them have one thing in common - a passion for learning.

Your journey down that very road is about to receive a massive boost because this is not just another boring textbook. It doesn't waste time going on about complicated theories or bury you with table after table of useless data. If you read the title again, this book is all about giving real contractors real answers - real answers on how to use industrial epoxy flooring in the field. Armed with such powerful knowledge, you too can become one of those contractors that's made it!!

Epoxy Handbook

Epoxy Handbook

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