Here's what installers say about us

Our clients' opinions on our products and service levels mean a lot to us.  We all need feedback to know how we're doing - the good and the bad. It's how we grow and improve as people, and as a company.

Conch Floor Coatings

"You don’t try to sell to me – you give me an honest approach over sales."


"Over the last 12 months I think you guys were very good for technical advice, product availability and installer support."

Alexander Trades

"Extraordinarily helpful to get me going."

Impact Surface Solutions

"I highly recommend Jack and his team at Real World Epoxies. Their customer service and technical knowledge is unmatched.

I can always count on Jack for advice on challenging projects and their products are of the highest quality!"

Floor Illusions

"Definitely very fast with processing orders and getting them out ASAP. Great to have you guys just a phone call away for product support or information if needed."

Bethell Flooring

"You guys do what you do well, your products are well known in our industry, the only new product I can think of is the Ezypoly which fit perfectly into your range."

Clean and Coat

"You did well to recover shortages and generally have products available. You did and do well to accommodate deliveries in Covid times."

Complete Resurfacing Systems

"I just wanted to say thank you for everything you and real world epoxies have done for us for the last 10 years. I consider you to lead your team with exceptional customer service, right though the spectrum, starting with material supply accuracy, material quality, including packaging efficiency. Your support has been instrumental in our business growth. I look forward to the next 10 years of partnership, at every level I just want to say thank you, and wish you and your family the very best."

Rosiak Systems

"Your service and advice is some of the best I have encountered at a retail end. The products you provide are sensational quality and I did find them easy to sell to customers."

Queensland Regional Flooring

"You educate and give me confidence in achieving a great result for our customers & our own piece of mind.

Reminding me that making mistakes when applying coatings is a great learning experience & that talking about those mistakes with others in the resin industry actually helps the industry grow and improve its professionalism."

Floors Masters NZ

"Putting your customer first. I have felt that you are always concerned about your customers more than your own business and it’s financial gain.

You care about the individual on a personal level. This means a lot to me.

You don’t seem to promote your products beyond what you believe is a median performance level. Even though (in my opinion)evidence shows that they perform better then what you claim.

You are very open with education and seem to thrive on educating people even when it takes a lot of time and there is no immediate financial gain.

You are very focused on your goals and seem to not get too distracted with all the shiny things in the industry. It seems there is time for everything... its just not right now.

You are inclusive in your dealings. No one can say that you treated them bad... at least not that I know of..."

Tough Floors

"The educational aspect and open dialogue – this will never be beaten by any supplier or manufacturer – ever.

Product development – you guys do more in the background than what us applicators see. I personally want more of this knowledge and to open up a network of such solidarity that others either follow or get left behind.

True to the industry – you both have been long serving stalwarts in an industry that lacks heavily in key areas. This industry needs you both. Maybe you can both be silverbacks.

Your ability to help – your business is not a charity and you’ve suffered losses (like the rest of us) that you don’t discuss. That’s honourable. Sharing personal stories opens up more of who you are because there really aren’t too many business owners that can ‘truly’ leave their bag of tricks at the door upon entering their home."

Impact Floors

"I'm not sure you've done anything wrong in my world. I've been very happy with products, service response and support. I'm actually sorry I don't still do a lot of resin as we were building quite a relationship there for a while.

The support I received in regards to the Mount Barker floor was excellent. The products I have used have been fantastic. The communication for follow ups and transport arrangements has been great."

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