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Problem solving on a weak slab

At Real World Epoxies, a big source of satisfaction comes from helping installers solve problems. It’s just what we do! Here’s another quick example:

We were sent photos of a ground slab that had 3mm of concrete removed yet was still showing no signs of porosity. A lithium densifier the installer had tried beaded badly, and crystals had appeared on the surface after drying (see image below). The same happened when a potassium solution was tested.

Another thing that wasn’t lining up was the fact the floor was previously used for a mechanical workshop, however there was minimal oil staining. Something wasn’t adding up!

After some more digging we eventually concluded the original owner had realised the slab was weak, but rather than sealing and hardening with a resin system, used a penetrating silicone product to simply prevent oil soaking in.

In this case, we saved the installer a lot of time and money by pulling the project up as there was no way they could guarantee good adhesion to the concrete with a silicone product already down. The lesson also learnt was that soft slabs may not always be treatable with a primer or densifier.

A weak slab with crystals on the surface from a product used to densify the concrete.

Take care and keep smiling,

Jack Josephsen

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