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Trying resin flooring systems on a training slab

This video is on why resin flooring installers should try new systems on a training slab, not their client’s floor.

Video Transcript:

Here we follow on from a previous topic, which was about being given resin flooring products and systems to try out.
We all know that we don’t want to try it on a client’s floor. So where do we get to try it.

We're a little bit different in how we go about things because we realise people need clarity, direction and confidence so how do you get it?

You get it on a training slab.

Ten square metres is good enough in order to try something out and really get a feel for how it’s going to behave.

So, when a supplier next gives you a resin flooring system, make sure they give you the opportunity to try it on a training slab of some form so that you’ve got a feel for it.

You'll know how it works and you know how the manufacturer wants it applied. You know how to get it down and you get those answers to those questions.

Resin flooring training feedback

So just a quick one, you tell me where else do you get to try our resin flooring products? Hopefully it’s not on a client’s floor, although I know that is the answer sometimes.

Let’s move from the old way of doing things. The old way was to try it on a floor; the new way is to know in advance before you’re doing a client’s floor. You’ve answered your questions before you’ve even started. That’s what we’ve got to do. We’re professionalising the resin flooring industry. That’s an important move.

Now I’m Jack Josephsen. You’ll see this video and other videos on RealWorldEpoxies.com. We are professionalising the resin flooring industry.

As always, take care and keep smiling.

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