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Dealing with incorrect resin flooring specifications

This video from Jack Josephsen will help resin flooring installers in the battle against wrong specifications!

Video Transcript:

So lets talk about resin flooring specifications. Lets start with the initial emotions - and we’ve all had them – where you receive a resin flooring specification, you turn up to site, and you can see it just doesn’t line up. It doesn’t make sense; it’s not logical, it’s not well thought out and, you don’t even know how to apply that specification to that floor with the expectations and the time frames that you’re given.

Now, so we sit there and think, do I correct them? Do I tell them that the specification is incorrect? If I do that then suddenly I end up the one carrying the full responsibility of the new specification.

Do I stay silent and not push the point too much? Just get it done. Get out of there. What do I do? That’s the problems that I constantly hear from frustrated contractors. The specification is wrong.

The importance of a good resin flooring specification

Now, that’s the old world. The new world is about setting the resin flooring specification that flows through the whole project. Everyone is involved and has input into it to ensure that it’s right.

So when we, the resin flooring contractor turns up to do the work, we know we're going to get the job done right. We're going to feel fantastic at the end of it. We’ll get through it without the hassle of variations and without having to extend the project.

We’re going to deliver on time and on budget and make a profit on it which is what we’ve got to do at the end of the day.

And, you know, feel genuine satisfaction that you've nailed it. Satisfaction enough that I’m prepared to do a case history on it and tell the world and tell my next client how well that job went.

Resin flooring specification feedback

That’s the new world. Now, for it to change from the old world to the new world, well, guess what, we have to change; we have to look at better ways of doing things. And, that’s what I’m all about. I call it professionalising the resin flooring industry.

If you like this video then give it the thumbs up. Share it. And even better, give me your comments. Give me your thoughts on what it is we’ve got to do on the specification side of things to make it new world. The world that we all want to be a part of and be proud of.

To see this video and more videos, you can go to RealWorldEpoxies.com. And, as always, take care and keep smiling.

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