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Ever had a resin flooring worksite not ready?

Today we talk about frustration of unready worksites and why a professional resin flooring industry is the answer:

Video Transcript:

I had to laugh today because I had a conversation with a guy who turned up to do a resin floor. He’s an experienced resin flooring contractor and he arrives to do a high-end, decorative resin floor and there’s no windows, there’s no doors.

Like, how does that work? How do you keep the dust away?

And he was told to just “plastic it up.”

It's almost ignorance, but it’s ignorance because we haven’t figured out how to professionalise the resin flooring industry.

Well, we’re doing that so those old-school problems that we used to have, which was people not understanding that we need to control the environment (and worksite) that we’re trying to apply this floor in.

Now, that’s got to go. That was the problems of past. The new world – the modern way of looking at things – is to have a process management that takes that this into account. It educates them and ensures that before you turn up (to the worksite) there are windows and doors in place that are airtight that you can close up.

What's your experience with resin flooring worksites?

Now, I’ve felt that frustration too. So, what have you felt? What are some of the worksites where you’ve turned up and you’ve gone, “Uhhh, my goodness, is that for real?” And often you can’t afford to just turn around and go home again, so what did you do? Tell me those stories, I want to hear that. And tell me what you think we can do to improve this process management side of things.

I’m Jack Josephsen. This video and other videos can be see on RealWorldEpoxies.com. We’re professionalising the resin flooring industry and I look forward to your comments.

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Take care and keep smiling.

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