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The importance of qualified resin flooring installers

A video from Jack Josephsen discussing the importance of being a qualified resin flooring installer:

Video Transcript:

One of the frustrations I hear from resin flooring installers all the time is that they talk to a builder for example, and the builder just thinks anyone can do it.

People think we just slap down the floor, you know, it’s just rollcoats. They think if you use a roller, you just roll it out right? "Get my painter to do it" they say. 

So when we start to talk about professionalising the resin flooring industry, what does that really mean to you?

For me it means that the way of the old was the unqualified. The “anyone can do it that’s got a roller and a brush.”

To the new world, which is qualified flooring installers. Someone that’s actually done the Cert III in resin flooring. I want to talk to flooring technicians. That is the starting point for professionalising the resin flooring industry.

Qualified resin flooring installer feedback

What do you think? What is it that you’ve felt? Tell me. Write some of these comments in there about what you have felt when you’ve been out on the job sites or whatever it may be. What are the frustrations and the fear that builds up over time because you think we haven’t progressed to a professional resin floor.

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