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Why are Resin Flooring Installers on their own with warranties?

A video on resin flooring warranties and why it feels like resin flooring installers are on their own:

Video Transcript:

I just want to spend a quick moment talking about resin flooring systems. So, every resin flooring installer in the old days had to develop their own system of doing an epoxy floor.

So, an example for a flake system, they would use someone’s basecoat, and then another maufactures flake product, and then they’d use a different manufacturer's polyurethane that they liked. And maybe they chose that as the polyurethane was the cheapest that month.

Now that all sounds great. They’ve put together this product combination and they know that it works because they’ve had to do it themselves. But the problem is, that if there is an issue or a defect, they're totally on their own. The flooring installer using this method is totally on his own.

Resin flooring manufacturers and warranties

Now, when we start talking about flooring installers, we are qualified against sets of systems. We only choose to use set systems that are put together by resin flooring manufacturers and the manufacturer has to warrant it. He has to support it because you’re qualified and you’re putting down his system.

Now you’ve got warranties and you’ve got support, now you’ve got confidence about what you’re doing. Now you can talk to the consumer about a factory warranty, not just my warranty because, after all, the next contractor that comes along, he says “my warranty” too and you’re no different. But when you have a factory warranty (from the resin flooring manufacturer), it’s a different game.

So, when I talk about resin flooring systems, just keep that in mind. It’s a known thing coming from the manufacturer and you are fully supported when you get a system as a whole.

Resin flooring warranties and systems feedback

This video is available at RealWorldEpoxies.com. My name is Jack Josephsen. Now if you like the video, share it. Like it. And more importantly, comment. Tell me about systems. What is it you want to know? What is it that frustrates you? What is the pains? What is it you wish for? What’s a dream system to you? Write this. Tell me the comments, so we can improve that aspect in this industry.

As always, take care and keep smiling.

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