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What's the risk of applying your own resin flooring systems?

A video on the risk of resin flooring installers putting together their own resin flooring systems:

Video Transcript:

I have a confession to make. I have given out product samples for people to try. Everyone has! It’s the old way.

Give some samples to the contractor and he’ll put it together in his flooring system and if it works you make sales, if it doesn’t you haven’t lost much.

Well, the irony is, I’ve sat there now on the other side of that ledger where someone has provided me with a sample, and I sat there and I thought, “Now hang on a second, I’m not going to test this on a client’s floor because that’s my livelihood; that’s where I’m going to feel that pain. So, it’s a little bit ironic that I can therefore give other people samples. It doesn’t make sense and I have to confess.

Resin flooring products vs resin flooring systems

Now, all of that is a symptom of the old world – the old way of doing things where you supply resin flooring products and everyone has to figure it out for themselves. In fact, people end up combining different resin flooring products to make up their own resin flooring system.

The new world is quite different. The new world is about flooring systems. Your manufacturer, your supplier, should give you a flooring system. Something that is known to work, so that it goes together, it behaves itself, it’s got a factory-backed warranty. You can then move forward with clarity, direction and confidence in the product.

That’s the new world. That’s what we’ve got to do when we’re professionalising the resin flooring industry.

What's your experience with free samples of resin flooring products? 

And, you know, I’m not the only one that’s experienced that. I’m sure everyone has experienced that because it’s a trait of our industry. So, tell me your story. Tell me what it is that you’ve felt. What’s the emotions you go through when someone gives you a sample and say, “Here, give this a go. It’s a good product. Give it a go.” Like, I’ve heard it plenty of times now, so tell me that.

Now, if you like the video, give it the thumbs up on YouTube. Share it. We need to be telling people, we need to communicate better to our marketplace. And, more importantly, write that comment. That’s what we need. Write it, tell me some of the issues, and let’s get that out in the open.

My name is Jack Josephsen. You’ll see this video and other videos on RealWorldEpoxies.com. We are professionalising the resin flooring industry.

As always, take care and keep smiling.

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