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Getting squeezed for time on resin flooring projects

A video on resin flooring installers getting squeezed for time on resin flooring projects:

Video Transcript:

I’m standing in our training facility and I just had a conversation with a flooring installer and it reminded me of a particular frustration that I’ve felt myself, where we had a system quoted and the builder comes in and ow long are you going to need to install the floors?” And I said, “Well, it’s a three-coat process, we need three days.” He goes, “You got two!”

How many of you have felt that frustration? You’re like: “…I need three days, and then you come in on the next day.” Like, why you telling me I got two? How’s that helpful?

Why do resin flooring projects get rushed?

That’s the way we had to fit into whatever the schedules were because, you know, we weren’t a qualified trade, per se. We don’t carry the same prestige as the electrician or the plumbers. We had to just fit in around their schedule.

Well, the new world is about the right (resin flooring) process management. The right way to do these flooring systems. So that we can overcome that typical type of frustration where those managing the projects just don’t know how long it takes. They assume that it’s just a rollcoat and they give you no time to do it.

Has your resin flooring project been rushed?

That’s my frustration that I’ve felt personally and surely you’ve felt it too, so tell me some of those stories. Tell me the frustrations. Write the comments below. And tell me what you’ve done to improve the project management side of things. Let’s look forward into the future, which is professionalising this industry and getting that process management spot on.

My name is Jack Josephsen. You’ll see this video and more videos on RealWorldEpoxies.com.

As always, take care and keep smiling.

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