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How to get off the tools and build your resin flooring business

Here's a short video on how resin flooring installers can achieve their goal of getting off the tools and building their epoxy flooring business:

Video Transcript:

If I was to take the No.1 comment made by flooring installers, it’s their dream is to get off the tools one day. So, getting off the tools, what does that really mean? What does that drill down to?

Obviously it’s a feeling of not having to work your arse off every day doing all the physical stuff. You’ve got other people who can do that. It also means you now focus more on the building of the business so you’re not buggered because you’ve spent the whole day doing floors and then at night suddenly you’ve got to quote, or you’ve got to follow up with clients.

Now what does getting off the tools mean to you and how are you going to go about it?

I hear the dream often, so how we going to go from talking about it to doing it?

Professionalisation is the key to resin flooring businesses

We’re professionalising the resin flooring industry and I think it’s the best opportunity we have of progressing our resin flooring business. So that we have systems in place and we have process management. So that when I’m not on the job, I still get the work done the way I want it be to the expectation that I have.

We have qualifications so that means we’ve got flooring installers that are trained to a certain level before they even start, or they work their way through the system with me. That’s what I can see is our way forward to getting off the tools.

How will you get off the tools?

Now, what’s your experience? What does getting off the tools mean to you (in your resin flooring business)? 

My name is Jack Josephsen. You’ll see this video and other videos on RealWorldEpoxies.com. Now, if you like this video and this is a good topic for you and you want to share it, then give it a thumbs up. But, more importantly, leave a comment. I want you to know what getting off the tools means to you. It’s the only way as a profession we’re going to get to that stage.

As always, take care and keep smiling.

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