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A word on resin flooring warranties

Warranties can be a bit of a grey area for all types of goods and services.


From a resin flooring perspective, perhaps the most important thing you need to know is there are two different types:


  • Manufacturer/product warranty – Most genuine product-related defects will show up within a relatively short period of time (typically <12 months) and this warranty is there to protect both the resin flooring installer and their client in these instances.

  • Installer/contractor warranty – This is a separate warranty offered by the installer that covers the quality of their workmanship on a project. The length of these warranties can vary with installer and project type, however the aim is to protect the floor owner from defects that arise due to installation practices.


Copies of these warranties should be made available by both manufacturer and installer upon request, so be sure to ask BEFORE your project starts if you want to know exactly what’s covered.


If you missed it, our post on expectations for resin flooring will also help you get better prepared for your project in this regard.

Two hard copies of resin flooring system warranties lying on top of each other.

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