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What you can expect with resin flooring

No matter what type of floor covering you get - timber, carpet, tiles, vinyl or resin flooring - the chances are there will be minor imperfections in the finished product. Some are acceptable, some aren’t.

Here’s a brief snapshot of what that means for resin flooring projects:

  • Expectations on these floors are covered by two main categories: appearance and performance.

  • Appearance focusses on visual imperfections seen immediately after application, such as bubbles, missed spots and colour variations. These are typically caused by the conditions and installer practices.

  • Performance is all about integrity issues that appear over time during service, including wearing, staining and peeling. These are typically the result of incorrect specification and poor maintenance.

  • While a perfect floor is always the goal, resin floors are field-applied systems that are exposed to certain elements that can’t be fully controlled and, therefore, some tolerances need to be factored in.

You can view a copy of the Owner Expectations Guide from Resin Flooring International if you’d like to know more.

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