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Beware these project pain points

Although there are many things that can go wrong on tough resin flooring projects, it seems the major dramas are often linked to the same old culprits.

In our experience, the 4 issues below cause most of the problems, variations, disputes and general stress in what we do:

  • Concrete – Is it weak, damaged, or contaminated? Is it suitable for the specified floor? Do you need to flatten? If so, how does this affect the budget and schedule?

  • Ramps – Do you need to install them? If so, how does this affect the budget and schedule? Can you even apply the specified floor onto them?

  • Transitions – How are you going to get them flush? Are there any unusual features like mat wells, data boxes or drains that may need extra work? Do they want strips?

  • Trades – What other trades are doing work at the same time? Will they need to get back on the floor before it’s ready? How will you keep them off it?

Finding the answers to these types of questions and discussing them with the owners/builders/design professionals during the quoting stage is crucial to getting a good outcome on these jobs. On the other hand, assuming they already know or approve of anything is a big risk that has a nasty habit of backfiring.

Resin flooring installers applying on a crowded work site with an electrician also doing work on the roof.

Take care and keep smiling, 

Jack Josephsen

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