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Where resin flooring is better than vinyl

Vinyl has been the flooring of choice in aged and health care facilities for a long time. From foyers and dining areas to kitchens and even wet spaces, it’s been used everywhere despite some troubles along the way.

If you’re looking at these types of commercial flooring projects, here’s a quick summary of why resin flooring might be a better option:

  • The soft feel of vinyl makes it well-suited for anywhere handling foot traffic or people standing for extended periods, however, like every flooring system, it’s not the best answer for every job. 

  • Problems have typically occurred when this type of flooring has been dragged into areas exposed to heavy traffic, impact, aggressive chemicals or hot, humid conditions.

  • The harder, seamless, moisture-tolerant nature of epoxy flooring has seen it build a long and successful track record in kitchens, toilets, loading zones and other demanding applications.

Want to know more about when to use resin flooring instead of vinyl on these projects? Click on the image below to download a free copy of our report - Which Flooring is Better than Vinyl for Aged Care?

A photo showing the front cover of the free report - Which Flooring is Better than Vinyl for Aged Care?

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