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Are resin floors fire rated?

If you’ve been involved in a few flooring projects over the years – especially in retail epoxy flooring projects or commercial epoxy flooring projects – you’ve probably run into fire safety regulations at some point.

There’s nothing worse than being stuck with specified products that are non-compliant, so here’s a few things you should know about resin floors and fire safety:

  • The BCA requires all floor coverings to be tested using AS ISO 9239-1 to determine two main properties - Critical Heat
  • Flux (CHF) and Smoke Development Rate (SDR).

  • While some types of buildings differ slightly, floor coverings typically must have a CHF greater than 2.2kW/m2. If the building isn’t fitted with a sprinkler system, they must also have an SDR of less than 750%.min.

  • The safety requirements for resin floors are the same as other floor coverings, which are covered in Clause C1.10 of Part 1 of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and apply to class 2-9 buildings.

  • All Real World Epoxies flooring systems have been “deemed to satisfy the relevant performance criterion” and are compliant with current BCA fire regulations. You can find test reports on the system pages.

A photo of flames burning a test sample in the specialist equipment used to perform the fire tests.

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