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Tough project? Take these 3 steps

Every now and again tough projects come along that throw up some big questions from both an installation and product performance point of view.

The next time you encounter one of these, please take a moment to check off the three steps below. These are essential for our products to perform as well as expected and for us to be able to offer a strong level of technical support:

  1. Discuss the project with us beforehand if you’re not 100% sure the product/system is suitable, or you feel it poses a significant challenge with regards to substrate, site conditions or service demands.

  2. Read and understand the Technical Data Sheets (TDS) for the individual products and/or the Installation Guides for the systems.

  3. Be prepared to record basic application details for the project, such as product batchcodes, temperature, humidity, and before/after photos.

We unfortunately know from experience that skipping any of these greatly limits our ability to help, which is a problem because tough projects often need a team effort.

A tough resin flooring project involving a bunded driveway in a chemical processing plant.

Take care and keep smiling, 

Jack Josephsen

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