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Specialist resin flooring mixer

Unlike paint, resin flooring products have components that need a thorough blend to disperse fully, react completely, and work properly. The fact is that most of the blades out there are stirrers of some description that don’t do a great job in these areas.

Here’s what we look for when talking about specialist resin flooring mix blades:

  • Optimum mix action Most mixers used in our industry are designed to force the mix down against the bottom of the bucket. This is fine for blending aggregates into resins, but not ideal for mixing two-pack resins themselves.

  • Reduced air entrapment – Trapping too much air can not only create visual issues, it can also compromise performance. Using any old blade to mix floor coatings only sets you up for inconsistent results and a host of film defects, which often lead to disputes and warranty claims.

  • Durable construction – Mixers should not be a constant source of contamination. We look for a stainless steel construction rather than mild steel so it can handle being cleaned with solvents.

If you’re wondering what kind of mixer ticks all these boxes, the blades made by Jiffy are a good example of a proper coating mixer and we have used them for many years with great results. 

The blade was originally created out of necessity for the aeronautical industry, which needed optimal performance from an adhesive used on aircrafts. The biggest source of failure was air entrapment into the mix, so they came up with a design for blending two-pack products that forced the liquids from each side of the mix blade into each other without drawing in air from above.

 A close up of the Jiffy mix blade showing the design of the mixing head.

Take a closer look at the image above and you’ll see a few other important features for mixing resins as well:

  • The side of the blades are vertical, so you can get much closer to the sides of the bucket and reduce the risk of unmixed product.
  • The top and bottom are horizontal, so you can run the blade along the base of the bucket to pull material up off the bottom without splashing.

  • The smooth stainless steel construction not only makes it possible to keep clean as already mentioned, but it’s also free of sharp edges that can tear strips of plastic off the mix bucket and contaminate films. 

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