Industrial Flooring Projects and Systems

High-performance, ultra-tough finishes for industrial flooring environments

The resistance of epoxy flooring to slip, wear, impact, moisture and aggressive chemicals makes it the best all-round choice for facility managers wanting a long-lasting industrial floor to protect their asset from harsh service conditions. 

Where can industrial epoxy floors be used?

Workshops Factories
Chemical processing facilities Mining and mineral processing
High-traffic warehouses Wastewater facilities
Car parks and loading zones Cold rooms and wet areas
Abattoirs and food processing Prisons

An industrial epoxy flooring system from Real World Epoxies in an empty industrial facility waiting to be put back into service. An industrial epoxy flooring system from Real World Epoxies onboard a navy vessel. An industrial epoxy flooring system from Real World Epoxies applied in the processing area of a food production plant.

Why choose our epoxy flooring for your industrial project?

Safer - Our industrial epoxy flooring systems are completely solvent free. No strong smell, disruption or risk to your business!
Versatile - We do industrial flooring projects across the full range of applications and flooring requirements, e.g. rebuilding, repair, drainage, chemical containment, line marking.
High performance - Our industrial epoxy floors are formulated using only the highest quality epoxy resins to maximise resistance to moisture, chemicals, wear and impact.
Easier scheduling - With no solvents, odours or flammables, and the ability to be applied in all conditions, our industrial epoxy systems can be installed when others can't.
Track record - We have over 20 years of epoxy flooring experience and a great track record of successful industrial flooring installations. 

Our industrial epoxy flooring systems

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Resin Guard™

A smooth, solid-colour finish that seals, protects and brightens any workspace.

Our Resin Guard™ System Our Resin Guard™ System

Resin Grip™

A solid-colour finish that seals, protects and offers long-lasting non-slip properties.

Our Resin Grip™ System Our Resin Grip™ System

Resin Rock™

A high-build non-slip flooring system for areas exposed to wear, heat and impact.

Our Resin Rock™ System Our Resin Rock™ System
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