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Industrial epoxy flooring example - mine loading area


Truck being loaded on concrete platform of nickel mine protected by industrial epoxy flooring.

A nickel mine in Noumea had been experiencing continual problems in their ore loading area. In an effort to achieve greater traction on the concrete platform, the tyres of the loaders had been fitted with chains that were now destroying the surface.

A longer term solution was required and the local contractor, Speed Services, was hoping a more durable solution for the platform could be found. A heavy-duty industrial epoxy flooring system consisting of Jaxxon 1335 and a specialty blend of aggregates was quickly formulated to offer the required wear resistance and compressive strength.

The industrial epoxy floor was applied at a minimum of 10mm thickness over the entire area and, during a subsequent training visit to Australia by the contractor months later, it was reported to be holding up extremely well.

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