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Industrial epoxy flooring example - prison


Industrial epoxy flooring and wall coating in a prison cell.

The Tasmanian State Government had commissioned a $90 million re-development of the Risdon Prison outside of Hobart and required easy-to-clean surfaces for the new cells. While not specified initially, the fact Jaxxon products offered safer industrial epoxy flooring that was ideally suited to correctional facilities was too hard to ignore.

The job included using Jaxxon 1335 and a specialty aggregate blend for over 2000m2 of self-level flooring, as well as Jaxxon 1515 on 2000m2 of walls. The colour chosen was a light brown customised for the prison. The freshly laid concrete floors were prepared through a simple wet grind, however the tilt slab walls were a different story. A specialist wash had to be used to remove residual release agents before the surface was water blasted.

Application of the self-level was done via trowel, followed by a spike roll to aid air release. Non-slip modification was made to the wet areas by sprinkling fine aluminium oxide and encapsulating it with a thin coat of Jaxxon 1515. To avoid pinholes on the walls, Jaxxon 1515 was heated to improve flow and applied using a spray rig in three coats.

Despite the challenges of inclement weather, including snow, rain and 30oC temperatures, and a large project with many trades working simultaneously, the application of the industrial epoxy flooring system was finished within the strict handover time frame.

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