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Resin Grip™ - Non-slip Flooring

Resin Grip™ is a high-performance non-slip flooring system, specially designed to seal, protect and offer lasting slip resistance in kitchens, processing facilities, workshops and wet areas.


With near diamond level hardness, the aluminium oxide particle layer provides the most durable slip-resistant finish possible.


Fully sealed with no seams, gaps or joins, it keeps mould at bay and can withstand the harshest of commercial cleaners.


Free of solvents, odours and flammables to ensure your project site stays safe and downtime is minimised.


Options for extra chemical and impact resistance are available, as well as less aggressive non-slip for easier clean.

System Diagram

A diagram showing the different coats and products used in the Resin Grip flooring system.

A large piece of mining machinery sitting on top of a Resin Grip system in a workshop.
A fire truck parked on top of a Resin Grip system in a fire station with the texture of the non-slip finish visible.
A large cooking appliance being installed in a commercial kitchen that has a Resin Grip system applied.
A large piece of mining machinery sitting on top of a Resin Grip system in a workshop with yellow and black line marking.


The front cover of the Resin Grip brochure.

Colour Chart

An image of the Real World Epoxies solid colour chart that's included in the Resin Grip brochure.

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Resin Grip™ System Information




RWE Fire Test Summary

Product Technical Data Sheets

Resin Grip™ Epoxy Non-slip Flooring Projects

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A commercial kitchen and cold room with a dark grey Resin Grip system installed.
A light blue Resin Grip system installed for non-slip properties in the serving area of a fish marketplace.
A photo of tape being used to keep people off a freshly applied Resin Grip system in a factory.
Resin Grip used for non-slip pathways and yellow line marking in a factory environment.

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