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Broadcast Aggregate for Non-slip flooring

Resin Grip HD Broadcast Aggregate

A hard, white broadcast particle in a number of different sizes for use in non-slip flooring systems.

Aluminium oxide is selected for superior impact and wear resistance. Its Mohs hardness of 9 is bettered only by
diamond (10), and allows the installation of hard-wearing non-slip surfaces with far greater durability than sand.


Suitable for use in all non-slip epoxy flooring systems.Resin vinyl flake flooring in a garage

Product Details

Type: Aluminium oxide.
Colour: White
Sizes: #30, #46 in stock. Others on request.
Pack Size: 20kg buckets. 


  • Extremely hard for maximum durability.
  • White colour keeps floor looking good as it wears.
  • Suitable for use in clear coatings.
  • Available in a range of sizes.


Broadcast immediately after basecoat application. Grab a “knuckle full” and gently toss onto the surface in a chicken feeding motion. If fully saturating, allow to settle and continue broadcasting until the film has a dry look. Excess can be collected and re-used after the film has hardened.

With thin-film non-slip floors, consumption is typically 70-100g/m2 for a sprinkle, and 1.2-1.5kg/m2 for full saturation.

A 20kg bucket of Resin Grip HD.

Product Notes

  • With fully saturated films, consumption will be closer to 2kg/m2 initially (before excess has been collected).
  • For best results, basecoat thickness should be between 200-300 microns.
  • Full broadcasts can increase surface area and significantly reduce the coverage of topcoats.
  • Can be used to create a high-strength mortar for surface levelling and high-wear protection.


Keep containers closed when not in use. Seek advice from your local council regarding accepted disposal methods.

First Aid

CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. IF ON SKIN: Rinse skin after manually handling and wash contaminated clothing before re-use. IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. IF INHALED: Remove person to fresh air. IF exposed, concerned, unwell or irritation persists: Get medical advice/attention.

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Resin Grip installed across a large inner-city car park.Resin Grip in a car park
A close up view of Resin Grip used on the trafficable sections of a chemical containment bund.Resin Grip in a chemical bund
Resin Grip in a commercial kitchen.Resin Grip in a commercial kitchen 
Resin Grip used for greater patron safety in at a food market. Resin Grip in a food marketplace

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