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Resin Grip™ Project Review

TGI Fridays

A close up of a chef working on the new non-slip epoxy floor that is wet from spills and splashes. The corridor of the commercial kitchen showing the new non-slip epoxy floor flowing seamlessly among the cooking equipment.

Project Summary

Client           TGI Fridays
Location Marion, South Australia
Colour Light Grey (N35)
Area Approx. 100m2
Installer Impact Flooring


  • The sheet vinyl used in the commercial kitchen was deteriorating after two years of service. Major symptoms included cracking (at seams, transitions and drains), splitting and peeling.

  • The hot, wet conditions in these areas can lead to bacterial growth within the cracks/gaps and underneath the failed floor. A new floor had to be installed urgently, with a seamless, water-resistant epoxy floor well suited.

  • After the vinyl was removed, it was discovered some sections of leveller underneath had been damaged by moisture. An epoxy leveller was used to re-level the surface in preparation for coating.

  • A non-slip epoxy flooring finish with an R12 rating was applied as per commercial flooring requirements at the time.

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