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Decorative epoxy flooring example - club room


The Field Club at the Adelaide Oval gives patrons a unique glimpse into the change rooms of both AFL teams. The architects wanted a floor befitting such a prestigious area that could handle a testing mix of heavy foot traffic and corporate catering. A two-tone marbled decorative epoxy floor in the specified “Mt. Eden” grey (including clear anti-slip around the bar) was created to meet the brief, with a satin polish applied over the top for easier maintenance.

The outside concourse of the Adelaide Oval with statue of football player in foreground.The decorative epoxy floor in the Adelaide Oval club room with tables and chairs and a central bar area.A reverse angle of the Adelaide Oval club room showing the decorative epoxy floor stretching back towards the front entrance.Adelaide Oval club room with tables and chairs on top of the installed decorative epoxy floor.

Client -
Adelaide Oval, Field Club (Wetspot Consolidated P/L)
Location - Adelaide, SA
Floor Type - Club Room/Bar (Retail and Commercial)

Design Scope -

  1. The two-tone, “Mt Eden” grey design was developed in consultation with architects for three areas requiring decorative resin flooring (700m2 total).
  2. Large cracks/joints had to be patched and sections levelled before a seamless floor was applied.
  3. The Field Club is a very popular setting for game day functions, with a heavy traffic load and corporate catering. A seamless, easy-to-clean surface with good wear characteristics was a must.

To improve patron safety, a clear anti-slip topcoat was applied around the bar service area. A satin polish was also applied over the finish for easier maintenance.

Notes -
  • The pictures above were taken during a follow-up inspection after the first game was played. Considering it was yet to be cleaned, the decorative epoxy floor held up extremely well and still looked great.

Customer Feedback -

"Professional approach, product knowledge, friendly staff, good work ethic, great finished product."
- Robin Gage, Wetspot Consolidated P/L
(Primary Coating Contracting, Adelaide Oval Re-development)

Customer Score - 10/10

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