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Decorative epoxy flooring example - takeaway restaurant


Zaza Kebab was another example of the desire to marry traditional decor with modern flooring. In this case, a decorative epoxy floor with red dye and dark undertones to match the restaurant logo was used alongside authentic Turkish tiles. Not only did it give the free-flowing, seamless look the owner wanted, it was also able to provide functionality with an R12 non-slip finish in the kitchen.

The empty restaurant and bare concrete floor before the decorative epoxy floor was installed.A close up of the vibrant red decorative epoxy floor showing the glossy finish through the reflection of the wall tiles.The red decorative epoxy floor with a table and some modern, clear chairs waiting for patrons to use.The serving area of the takeaway restaurant with the beautiful decorative epoxy floor making the tiles on the counter really pop.

Client - Zaza Kebab
Location - Pimpama, QLD
Floor Type - Restaurant (Retail and Commercial)

Design Scope -

  1. Red-dye decorative epoxy floor with dark undertones was used to match restaurant’s logo and achieve the client’s vision of marrying traditional Turkish decor with a modern, seamless, functional floor.
  2. R12 non-slip finish in the kitchen impregnated with aluminium oxide particles for maximum wear resistance, as well as coving for easier cleaning.
  3. Tiles couldn’t be considered as set-downs for drainage weren’t installed in the new fit out.

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