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Decorative epoxy flooring example - food outlet


The owner thought sealing the concrete at the front and a grey non-slip kitchen floor was all he could hope for in his food outlet, Rice vs Noodle. What a waste! The fresh, vibrant decor of the counter and seating areas would be totally lost on such a lifeless surface, so why not really set the place alight with a decorative epoxy floor just as hot?! 

The empty restaurant and bare concrete floor before the decorative epoxy floor was installed.A waitress collecting an order in the food outlet with the vibrant red decorative epoxy floor in the foreground.A close up of the vibrant red decorative epoxy floor showing the beautiful patterning of the finish.The front of the food outlet, with the vibrant red decorative epoxy floor complementing the decor perfectly.

Client - Rice vs Noodle
Location - Surfers Paradise, QLD
Floor Type - Restaurant (Retail and Commercial)

Design Scope -

  1. Vibrant red (with blood red undertones) colour-matched to complement restaurant decor.
  2. R12 non-slip finish in the kitchen done in the same colour to maintain theme. The surface was impregnated with aluminium oxide particles for maximum wear resistance.
  3. A specialist leveller was installed under the epoxy in the kitchen to create run-off to drains. The service area required extensive cleaning and patching (to remove deep scratches and gouges).
  4. Installation carried out in a busy shopping precinct, so a decorative epoxy floor free of pungent odours and dangerous solvents was a priority.
Notes -
  • The client thought a lifeless combination of sealed concrete at the front and a grey kitchen was the best he could hope for. With encouragement, a far more creative, eye-catching look was achieved with the red-hot decorative epoxy floor created.

Customer Feedback -

"I refer the supplier to everyone...their service is 110%"
- Justin Lee, Rice vs Noodle

Customer Score - 10/10

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