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Decorative epoxy flooring example - office


Astute Realty pride themselves on “doing things a little differently to most real estate agents”. When it came time to refresh their Hope Island offices, a run-of-the-mill floor was never going to be enough. With their direction, a high-gloss, stone-like decorative epoxy floor was created that made them even more of a standout. 

A high-gloss, stone-like decorative epoxy floor in the waiting room of the real estate office. A low-angle photo of the decorative epoxy flooring in the waiting room, highlighting the stone-like pattern and glossy finish. One of the desks in the office sitting on top of the decorative epoxy floor. A smiling real estate agent standing on the decorative epoxy floor near the front of the office.

Client -
Astute Realty
Location - Hope Island, QLD
Floor Type - Offices (Commercial)

Design Scope -

  1. The owners wanted some form of “ground concrete” initially, however after further consultation a more modern look with natural, stone-like finish was offered instead to complement the architecturally designed office.
  2. The seamless decorative epoxy floor is easy to clean, with staff commenting on how forgiving the natural tones were in concealing dust and dirt.
Notes -
  • The owners were so impressed they talked about doing the same decorative epoxy floor in their own home. They also joked the floor was distracting their clients too much and might have to be changed!

Customer Feedback -

"The quality, look and feel of the floor as well as the outstanding service from Dave in particular. His attention to detail and care for the installation was fantastic. We’ll keep recommending you guys."
- Phil Game, Astute Realty

Customer Score -

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