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Decorative epoxy flooring example - bar room


The Audi Stadium Club in the Eastern Stand of the Adelaide Oval represents the very best in modern corporate hospitality and we were invited to put down two decorative epoxy floors in this luxurious facility. The first of these was a soft and subtle, two-tone marbled design in “Teahouse” grey for the Lawn Bar (now known as the John Platten bar), with clear non-slip in the service areas and a satin polish applied for easier maintenance. What a place to watch sport!

A picture of the Adelaide Oval bar showing the glossy decorative epoxy floor stretching across the large bar and along a hallway.The decorative epoxy flooring near the cash registers used to pay for items at the bar.The large bar at the centre of the Adelaide Oval bar room, circled by the decorative epoxy floor.Patron seating in the bar room with decorative epoxy flooring complementing the colours perfectly.

Client - Adelaide Oval, John Platten Bar (Wetspot Consolidated P/L)
Location - Adelaide, SA
Floor Type - Bar Room/Restaurant (Retail and Commercial)

Design Scope -

  1. The two-tone, “Teahouse” grey design was developed in consultation with architects for three areas requiring decorative resin flooring (700m2 total).
  2. Extensive patching of cracks/joints/gouges was required and large sections of concrete levelled (including ramping in doorways and in-filling of data boxes) before a seamless floor was applied.
  3. The John Platten Bar is a key feature of the prestigious Audi Stadium Club. A stylish, seamless, easy-to-clean decorative epoxy floor with good wear characteristics was a priority for the architects.
  4. To improve patron safety, a clear non-slip topcoat was applied around the bar service area. A semi-gloss polish was also applied over the finish for easier maintenance.

Notes -

  • The pictures above were taken during a follow-up inspection after the first game was played. Considering it was yet to be cleaned, the decorative epoxy floor held up extremely well and still looked great.

Customer Feedback -

"I would definitely recommend them to colleagues & clients."
- Peter McGregor, Hames Sharley Architects

Customer Score - 9/10

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