Commercial Epoxy Flooring Projects and Systems

Versatile, functional floor finishes for commercial spaces - bakeries, restaurants, salons, offices, warehouses  

The tremendous versatility of resin flooring allows architects, designers and business owners to get the floor finish their commercial space needs - whether that's a stylish reception area to impress their clients, or a non-slip kitchen for the safety of their workers.

Our commercial epoxy flooring systems:

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Resin Guard™

A smooth, solid-colour finish that seals, protects and beautifies.

Our Resin Guard™ System Our Resin Guard™ System

Resin Marble™

A stylish, modern floor finish with striking marble look.

Our Resin Marble™ System Our Resin Marble™ System

Resin Grip™

A solid-colour finish that seals, protects and offers long-lasting non-slip properties.

Our Resin Grip™ System Our Resin Grip™ System
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