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Decorative epoxy flooring example - charity offices


Derec didn’t know what to do. He wanted to protect the concrete in his office and give the area a fresh look, but only had a modest budget to work with. Thanks to the versatility of decorative epoxy flooring, we were able to help solve his headache and get him smiling again.

Surface preparation being conducted in the office before the decorative epoxy floor was installed for the charity organisation. A photo of the completed decorative epoxy floor before the office furniture had been moved back in. The charity's offices back into full operation after the decorative epoxy floor had been applied. The charity's director smiling at his desk after the decorative epoxy flooring project had been completed.

Client - Friends of the Earth
Location - Woolloongabba, SA
Floor Type - Offices (Commercial)

Design Scope -

  1. The not-for-profit organisation’s budget was so limited they had taken the project on themselves, however they quickly realised professional services were needed.
  2. Upon inspection, some patching was required to restore the concrete to a suitable condition.
  3. To reduce energy consumption they relied heavily on natural light; the decorative epoxy floor chosen was able to enhance ambient lighting through the use of light colours and reflective finishes.
  4. Some degree of non-slip was preferred and UV exposure had to be addressed.

    Customer Feedback -

    "The final product was delivered in-line with our time, staffing hours and environmental need. On completion the premises was totally clean, leaving us with nothing but a beautiful new floor."
    - Derec Davies, Friends of the Earth

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