Residential Epoxy Flooring and Systems

Beautiful and durable finishes for anywhere in the home

Resin flooring is a versatile flooring option that has become popular among architects, designers and homeowners looking for modern, wall-to-wall finishes in residential environments that are durable and easy to clean.

Where can residential epoxy floors be used?

Garages Kitchens
Living rooms and lounge rooms Bedrooms
Bathrooms and laundries Patios
Entertainment areas Storage spaces

A residential epoxy flooring system from Real World Epoxies in the kitchen of a large, modern home. A residential epoxy flooring system from Real World Epoxies in the backyard patio and outdoor area of a home. A garage epoxy flooring system from Real World Epoxies in the form of a beautiful, black flake floor.

Why choose our epoxy flooring for your residential project?

Safer - Our residential epoxy flooring systems are completely solvent free. No strong smell, disruption or risk to your family!
Versatile - We can do residential flooring projects in every room of the house and in any style - from the flake flooring in the garage, to decorative metallics in the kitchen.
High performance - Our residential epoxy floors are formulated using only the highest quality epoxy resins to protect against wearing, staining and other service challenges.
Easy to clean - The seamless, impermeable surface is hygienic, handles all household liquid spills, and is easily maintained with normal cleaning equipment.
Easier scheduling - With no solvents, odours or flammables, and the ability to be applied in all conditions, our residential epoxy systems can be installed when others can't.
Track record - We have over 20 years of epoxy flooring experience and a great track record of successful residential flooring installations. 

Our residential epoxy flooring systems

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Resin Vinyl

A durable and decorative floor with traditional flake finish.

Our Resin Vinyl System Our Resin Vinyl System

Resin Granite™

A durable and decorative flake floor finish with modern granite look.

Our Resin Granite™ System Our Resin Granite™ System

Resin Guard™

A smooth, solid-colour finish that seals, protects and beautifies.

Our Resin Guard™ System Our Resin Guard™ System

Resin Marble™

A stylish, modern floor finish with striking marble look.

Our Resin Marble™ System Our Resin Marble™ System

Resin Rustic™

Specially designed epoxy finish gives the concrete look with a modern edge.

Our Resin Rustic™ System Our Resin Rustic™ System
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Want to know more about resin flooring?

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