Jiffy Mixer - Large

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Jiffy mixers are specialist resin flooring mix blades we have used for many years with great results.

Made from 304 polished stainless steel, the unique design delivers the following mixing benefits:

  • Optimum mix action Most mixers used in our industry are designed to force the mix down against the bottom of the bucket. This is fine for blending aggregates into resins, but not ideal for mixing two-pack resins themselves. This blade is designed for a max. speed of 1000rpm and tends to work best at 450-750rpm (thorough blend without the splatter).

  • Reduced air entrapment – Trapping too much air can not only create visual issues, it can also compromise performance. Using any old blade to mix floor coatings only sets you up for inconsistent results and a host of film defects, which often lead to disputes and warranty claims.

  • Durable construction – Mixers should not be a constant source of contamination. These mixers have a stainless steel construction (rather than mild steel) so it can handle being cleaned with solvents.

The large Jiffy mix blades are designed to mix up to 15 litres.

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Other sizes available:

Jiffy Mixer - Small

Jiffy Mixer - Small

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