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Australian Navy vessel


A composite image showing an installer trowelling the floor down, a close up of the coving installed, and the finished non-slip system in the galley.

The Royal Australian Navy frigate, HMAS Darwin, was being put into dry dock for extensive servicing and repairs, part of which was a new floor for the galley/scullery area (kitchen). With an impressive track record of various projects onboard other vessels and a range of products ideally suited to the enclosed spaces and tight defence shutdowns, Jaxxon was specified for the durable, non-slip epoxy flooring required.

After the steel deck was prepared and primed, the multi-coat system begun with a specialised sound dampening basecoat that had been used to great effect on other areas subject to engine noise and vibration. The undulating decks were then levelled, coving installed and drainage shaped through the use of a trowel-down mortar consisting of Jaxxon 1335 and a proprietary blend of aggregate. The anti-slip finish was the final step, achieved by broadcasting a full layer of aluminium oxide into the Kevlar®-reinforced Jaxxon 1525 basecoat and sealed with a light grey Jaxxon 1505 topcoat.

The clear strength of Jaxxon onboard Navy vessels are their outstanding field-friendliness and ability to perform in adverse conditions. In this particular project, a valve in the scullery was left open and water flooded all over freshly applied Jaxxon 1525. Most epoxies would blush badly and need to be removed in such a situation, however in this case the film was simply allowed to dry and application proceeded without delay.

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