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The Simple Tools

By Jack Josephsen

We all talk about buying bigger grinders, better vacuums, hippo mixers etc etc. These are all great tools and they improve your efficiency, but sometimes it's the humble, simple tools that make a big difference.

On the back of recent conversations with some installers I work with, I wanted to take this opportunity to quickly cover three examples of very simple tools used in our industry to open containers. It may sound obvious to some, but it's amazing how many installers battle away without these nifty little devices.

1. Drum opener

From a manufacturer's perspective, they will always try to use containers that have the best possible seal for minimal leakage and less risk of damage in transport. However, the downside of tightly sealed buckets is that the opening them can be a nightmare.

I have heard installers talk about bleeding fingers from opening up too many plastic pails. If you can relate to that, then you'd probably appreciate the first simple tool I want to suggest lives in your tool bag - the plastic drum opener.

drum or bucket opener

2. Screw-top opener

Rather than pulling open a lid, often the problem is more to do with screwing one off a Jerry can. These types of containers have a gasket with tamper-evident seal, but hardened product trapped underneath makes it nearly impossible to get the lid off without a tool.

In this situation, you can either invest in the one proper tool (right), or get stuck on site trying to "negotiate" the lids off with three or more wrong tools, like the installer did below (left):

cube spanner

3. Paint Can opener

The final opening tool I wanted to mention relates mainly to plastic or tin pigment containers. These type of press-fit lids can be opened with other tools and even fingers, but when you hear of installers having to hold them up next to their chest to prise them open, you know they'll get soaked in pigment sooner or later.

So, if you want to save yourself a laundry bill each time you open pigment containers, I'd suggest you invest in one of these little things:

paint can opener

These are examples of "opener" tools, but what are some other simple tools you've learnt should be in every resin flooring installers toolbox?

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