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Silver Card

This course is for professional resin flooring installers that are required to apply rollcoat and broadcast flooring systems.  

The skills taught focus on the installation of single, solid-colour rollcoats, flake floors and non-slip flooring finishes in residential, retail and commercial projects.

Upon completion of this course you receive a Silver Card Certificate through our partnership with Resin Flooring International.

Course Summary

Unit 1 - Assess flooring installation sites (MSFFL3054)
Unit 2 - Mechanically prepare surfaces for installation of flooring materials (MSFFL2035)
Unit 3 - Select, prepare and apply moisture barriers to concrete substrates (MSFFL2032)
Unit 4 - Prepare subfloors for resin flooring systems (MSFFL3077)
Unit 5 - Mix and apply thin-film rollcoat resin flooring systems (MSFFL3072)
Unit 6 - Mix and apply thin-film broadcast resin flooring systems (MSFFL3073)

You can view the full product disclosure statement for the course here -
Silver Card PDS


$1,495 for the full course



By completing the this online course, you will be able to:

  • Assess and formally report on the condition of concrete subfloors and factors in the environment that may impact flooring installation.
  • Select and use powered equipment for the preparation of surfaces prior to the installation of resin flooring materials.
  • Apply moisture barriers in readiness for the installation of floor coverings and coatings.
  • Prepare and repair subfloors in preparation for the installation of resin flooring systems.
  • Prepare and apply thin-film rollcoat and thin-film broadcast (flake and non-slip) resin flooring systems.

Who Should Enrol?

This course is ideal for established resin flooring installers looking to get better results on their projects, or gain recognition for their expertise in thin-film rollcoat and thin-film broadcast systems.


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