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Bronze Card

This course is for entry-level installers that want to gain a solid grasp on the important basics of resin flooring.

The learning material places a strong emphasis on teaching good habits and the “why”, not just the “how”, behind resin flooring. This makes the Bronze Card a great option for sales and marketing people wanting to understand the industry they work in and be able to speak more professionally about resin flooring.   

Upon completion of this course you receive a Bronze Card Certificate through our partnership with Resin Flooring International.

Course Summary

Task 1 - Epoxy Flooring Introduction
Task 2
- Substrate Assessment
Task 3
- Substrate Preparation
Task 4
- Substrate Repair
Task 5
- Substrate Priming
Task 6
- Thin-film Rollcoats
Task 7
- Broadcast Systems
Task 8
- Self-level Systems
Task 9
- Trowel-applied Systems
Task 10
- High-build Decorative Systems
Task 11
- Joints
Task 12
- Troubleshooting
Task 13
- Sales and Maintenance

You can view the full product disclosure statement for the course here -
Bronze Card PDS


$495 for the full course



By completing this online course you will gain a better understanding of:

  • Typical properties, strengths and limitations of resin flooring technology.
  • Key considerations for product selection.
  • Different types of substrate issues and how they’re commonly addressed.
  • Surface preparation and profiling methods.
  • Mortars and the role they play in substrate repair.
  • Keys to doing rollcoat, broadcast, self-level, trowel-applied and high-build decorative finishes using solventless two-pack epoxies.
  • Different types of joints and how they’re approached.
  • Common defects, their causes and how to fix them.
  • Keys to an effective flooring maintenance program.

Who Should Enrol?

This course is ideal for entry-level installers in their first year of work, or more experienced installers without any formal training or education. Resin flooring businesses with staff looking to gain a better understanding of technology and practices can also benefit.


Course Reviews

“It is really gave me the better knowledge about resin epoxy flooring with the background idea of installation technique. I'd say this course is the best suits for those who interested to join resin industry like myself. Thanks. Appreciate!“

Kyaw Myanmar
“I think the course was well done. The information was broken down into easily accessible concepts.
The instructional delivery was at an easy-to-follow pace. I appreciated the videos and hand-outs. Thank you!”
Tom United States

“Fantastic course, I found it both inspiring and informative. There’s so much valuable information here and feel better educated in all things
epoxies and resin after taking this course.”

Peter Ireland

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