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Resin Marble™ Project Review

Residential Garage

The garage with door open showing the bare concrete that was in place before the metallic epoxy floor was installed. A low-angle photo of the garage from the front looking across the high-gloss metallic epoxy floor that had just been installed. The high level of gloss is highlighted in this photo by the sharp reflections of the fluorescent lights in the metallic epoxy foor.

Project Summary

Client           Private Residence
Location Ephraim Island, Queensland
Colour Custom Basalt
Area 80m2
Installer Floorchef


  • The owner of this large garage on the Gold Coast initially enquired about an epoxy flake floor, however after showing them the capabilities of metallic flooring a more eye-catching finish - perfect for the luxurious surroundings - was chosen.

  • A completely seamless, showroom-like finish was desired, so the control joints in the slab were filled during surface preparation to make this possible.

  • A polyurethane topcoat was applied over the top to protect the garage entry from UV and maintain a consistent level of gloss across the entire area.

“I’m happy to refer them to anyone. Just tell them to give me a call!”

- Riccardo Rizzi, Homeowner

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