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Want your product quantities checked?

As an installer you never want to run short of product on a project, so getting your material quantities and order right is important. If you need help with this step or would just like to double check so you’re not stressing about running out, we’d be more than happy to crunch through the numbers for you.

Here’s the quick breakdown we emailed to one of our installers recently doing 120m2 of Resin Granite flake in Pebble Beach with a matte finish:

1st Coat (Primer) - Ezypoxy Clear with Merino Pigment

We usually work off a primer film thickness of 160 microns (6m2/L), which means one kit will cover 72m2. Therefore, you should be able to make do with 2 x 12 litre kits.

Please note: With the Pebble Beach flake we also like to tint the primer to ensure the concrete is concealed effectively.

2nd Coat (Basecoat) - Ezypoxy Rollcoat with Merino Pigment

With a primer down, we typically apply the basecoat at 200 microns (5m2/L). This means you'll need 24 litres on the dot, however we'd recommend adding another just in case (i.e. 3 x 12 litre kits).

Flake – RWE Resin Granite Pebble Beach

Consumption of flake is typically 2m2/kg (or 20m2 per bucket), so you’ll need 6 of these. You listed 7 in your text, which is a good idea just to make sure you have enough.

4th Coat (Topcoat) - Ezypoly PU

The average film thickness of the PU topcoat across Resin Granite is somewhere between 200-250 microns or 4-5m2/L. With a matte finish requested, we suggest splitting this up across two coats, with the second coat being the matted finish applied at 100 microns (10m2/L).

Budgeting for 250 microns in total means you'll need 30 litres, which works out to be 6 x 5 litre drums. Adding one more drum for 7 in total we feel is a good idea once again to make sure you don't run short. Only matting the second coat will need 12 litres in total, i.e. 3 x Ezypoly Matte for 3 drums of Ezypoly.


2 x Ezypoxy Clear (12 litres) with Merino Pigment Pots
3 x Ezypoxy Rollcoat (12 litres) with Merino Pigment Pots
7 x RWE Resin Granite Flake (10kg) in Pebble Beach
7 x Ezypoly (5 litres)
3 x Ezypoly Matte (700mL)

An installer prepares for work with all of the required product for the project lined up outside the garage door.

Take care and keep smiling,

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