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Our new flake colour range is here!

Ever since we launched our original epoxy flake flooring range a few years ago, it felt like something wasn’t quite right. While people loved the name Resin Granite, there was a bit of a problem in that the combinations didn’t really look like granite. In fact, the 6mm flake looked more like vinyl flooring from the 70s.

With that in mind, we’ve spent the last 12 months developing a new colour range aimed at creating a fresh, modern finish that could compete with today’s flooring trends.

We are excited to announce the new colours are now ready for release, and will be available in two sizes:

  • Standard 6mm Flake – which is called Resin Vinyl, as it kind of has that old, 70s vinyl look.
  • NEW Granite Flake – which is called Resin Granite, because this time it actually looks like granite!

You can see what I mean by granite in the preview below or view full-sized colour charts (and read more information) by clicking the highlighted links above.

The new colours and sizing aren’t the only differences you’ll notice either. To make handling easier and reduce packaging waste, the new epoxy flake colour range will be supplied in quality, re-usable buckets containing 10kg of flake each.

You can find a full guide with a summary of all our products on the epoxy supplies page. 

The Resin Vinyl Flake colour chart containing a range of 8 colour combinations. The Resin Granite Flake colour chart containing a range of 8 colour combinations

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