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Metallic epoxy floor example - wine cellar

The revamp of an unused wine cellar in a beautiful Brisbane home gave the owner, David, the perfect opportunity to get creative. Basically, he wanted a floor no one else had - something very different and full of character. His very own "volcanic" metallic epoxy floor took care of that. It actually looks like his floor is bubbling with molten rock!

The wine cellar with stained concrete before the metallic epoxy floor was installed.The wine cellar after the volcanic metallic epoxy floor design was completed.Another angle of the volcanic metallic epoxy floor in the residential wine cellar.The wine cellar had a small storage room attached where the metallic epoxy floor was also applied.

Client -
David Marriner
Location - Toowong, QLD
Floor Type - Wine Cellar (Residential)

Design Scope -

  1. Customised “volcanic” metallic epoxy floor created in response to client’s desire for a unique finish. Cellar setting perfect for a bubbling, subterranean volcano theme.  
  2. Accidental spills of wine in the past made a mess of the unprotected concrete. A stain-resistant, seamless epoxy floor was viewed as a good solution to any future mishaps.
  3. Installation carried out while family at home, so product needed to be free of pungent odours and harmful solvents.
Notes -
  • The finish was also extended into a storage cabinet beneath adjacent stairway.
  • Despite the design’s black base, the high-gloss, reflective finish brightened the enclosed space considerably.  

Customer Feedback -

"Because I rarely give a perfect 10, we all can always find ways to improve an already impressive service. The floors are magic, receive heaps of positive comments and we are happy. Thank you."
- David Marriner, Homeowner

Customer Score - 9/10

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