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Metallic epoxy floor example - restaurant


After seeing what metallic epoxy flooring could do in other restaurants, Justin wanted to explore all design possibilities for his next project, Korean Kitchen. His vision of an imported bamboo feature wall and golden highlights throughout the decor translated into this fantastic metallic epoxy floor. What a perfect match! 

The empty restaurant and bare concrete floor before the metallic epoxy floor was installed.A photo looking down on the metallic epoxy floor in the seating area, showing the gold highlights used to match the Korean decor.A photo looking from the back of the restaurant, showing the metallic epoxy floor stretching past the seating area and up to the mall entrance.The wooden seats and golden bamboo stalks were complemented perfectly by the golden highlights on the metallic epoxy floor.

Client - Korean Kitchen
Location - Surfers Paradise, QLD
Floor Type - Restaurant (Retail and Commercial)

Design Scope -

  1. “Natural” metallic epoxy floor with golden highlights developed to fit client’s vision of an authentic Korean setting, complete with imported bamboo feature wall and timber finishes.
  2. R12 anti-slip finish in the kitchen impregnated with aluminium oxide particles for maximum wear resistance.
  3. A specialist leveller was installed under the epoxy in the kitchen to create run-off to drains. The colour of the existing leveller in the service area was harnessed in the floor design.  
  4. Installation carried out in a busy shopping precinct, so a product free of pungent odours and dangerous solvents was a priority.

Customer Feedback -

"I like the glossy finish and easier maintenance. I’ll continue to use for all my next floors!"
- Justin Lee, Korean Kitchen

Customer Score - 10/10

You can find more information and tips on our metallic epoxy flooring page, and see more examples of metallic epoxy flooring for bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, retail outlets, commercial areas and restaurants and bars by clicking the links. 

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