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Don’t slip up on slip ratings

Despite their importance for a variety of health and safety matters, many specifications use the wrong type of slip rating when it comes to resin flooring projects.

To make sure you don’t slip up on your next non-slip floor, please consider the following points:

  • “R” ratings are still very popular, however in most cases they’re not the right choice. This is because the tests only relate to two specific slip combinations - motor oil with safety boots, or water with bare feet.

  • For a more common scenario where water is in contact with a variety of footwear, “P” ratings from a wet pendulum test (AS4586-2013) are more suitable. In this test, a rubber slider is swung across the surface to record a British Pendulum Number (BPN) and a corresponding P value.

  • There are six P ratings - P0 (less texture) through to P5 (more texture). You can find recommended ratings for common areas in the Standards Australia guides, e.g. shopping centre toilets require a P3.

  • Real World Epoxies systems have been independently tested and cover the full range of slip ratings - from a P0 with Resin Guard™, through to P5 and beyond with our specialist non-slip epoxy system, Resin Grip™.

There’s a great video on Resin Flooring International that explains more about slip ratings, including examples of the types of finishes they correspond to. Check it out here – What I learnt about slip testing.

A picture showing a Resin Grip floor in a working commercial kitchen and a diagram of the system composition.

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