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Metallic epoxy floor example - kitchen


Simon was looking to freshen up his investment property and getting rid of the old vinyl in the kitchen was first on the hitlist. Being a rental, he needed something that not only modernised the apartment, but was also capable of withstanding whatever the tenants would throw at it. A “graphite marble” metallic epoxy floor to match the benchtop and carpet was just the ticket!

Kitchen in the residential apartment with graphite marble metallic epoxy floor installed.A photo of the entrance to the kitchen taken at bench height, with oven, cabinets and new metallic epoxy floor visible.A low-angle shot of the metallic epoxy floor taken at the entrance to the kitchen that highlights the glossy finish.The smiling kitchen owner standing in front of the kitchen with new metallic epoxy floor installed.

Client -
Simon Brown
Location - Mooloolaba, QLD
Floor Type - Kitchen and Laundry (Residential)

Design Scope -

  1. The “graphite marble” metallic floor chosen to match the existing benchtop, splashback tiles and carpet.
  2. A semi-gloss finish was selected to help reduce the cleaning demands in the investment property to be occupied by tenants.
  3. Polished concrete had been considered by the client, however the presence of numerous minor cracks and defects (e.g. leaf imprints) in the concrete meant a metallic epoxy floor was ultimately preferred.
Notes -
  • Other than minor defects noted, the concrete was in good, clean condition having been covered by vinyl previously.

Customer Feedback -

"We were looking for a flooring solution that could be applied in a small space, be practical,
durable and contemporary...we are delighted with the outcome and would willingly recommend them to others."
- Simon Brown, Homeowner

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