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Metallic epoxy floor example - garage


David was looking for something different to freshen up the tired, worn grey floor in his garage. He had three wishes with the metallic epoxy floor he was looking for - a silver element in the design to match his cars and decor, a non-slip finish to protect his family in the wet, and finally, a longer lifespan.

The garage with old grey floor before new metallic epoxy floor was installed. The residential garage after the silver metallic epoxy floor design was installed.
A black Porsche parked on top of the silver metallic epoxy floor. The smiling homeowner standing beside his black Porsche that's parked in the garage with the new metallic epoxy floor.

Client -
David Marriner
Location - Toowong, QLD
Floor Type - Double Garage (Residential)

Design Scope -

  1. Silver and grey used in metallic epoxy floor design to match colour of cars and decor throughout home.
  2. Non-slip topcoat with AS “X” rating used for safer footing when wet, e.g. water on tyres.
  3. Durable finish capable of withstanding vehicle traffic, including harsh turning circle.
  4. Installation carried out while family at home, so product needed to be free of pungent odours and harmful solvents.
Notes -
  • Risk of yellowing minimal due to house position, absence of garage nosing and colour of metallic epoxy floor.
  • Previously coated concrete in good condition, however checking for contamination in that type of environment is essential, e.g. silicone sprays for tyres.

Customer Feedback -

"I’d recommend for anyone wanting something different, but practical and versatile...I’ve already referred them to some of my friends."
- David Marriner, Homeowner

Customer Score - 9/10

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