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Better Flake Flooring with Resin Vinyl

As the world tries to recover from the Covid pandemic and major uncertainty surrounds all parts of the economy, no one knows how many epoxy flake flooring jobs are going to be out there.

How are you planning to get through this period? Are you going down the same path as others by dropping your price and using cheaper products? That just means you’ll have to work harder and win more jobs to make the same profit.

Or are you going to get smarter about it and find proven systems that enable you to do a better job, more efficiently, and more profitably.

For garage flake floors, this means:

  • A system with proven products that actually work. When you’re done, you’re done. No staining, lifting, wearing or the other cheap floor defects.
  • A system that is finished in two days, without all the challenges of polyaspartics.
  • A system that offers real value for the client and is easy to sell, so you can get paid what you’re worth.

Believe it or not, such a flake floor does exist and comes in the form of our simple two-coat system – Resin Vinyl.

Yep. One basecoat and one topcoat. That’s it!

Plus, it’s already being used by many installers who have decided to work smarter, not harder. You can hear from one here:

And, catch a glimpse of the two coats being applied here:

How would you feel if YOU had a garage flake floor that worked beautifully and allowed you to get the job done in just two half-days to go chase more work?

What if this garage flake floor didn’t stink out the home so you could win jobs off the most sensitive clients? And no, we’re not talking water-based either.

These are all things you can take advantage of right now, just like the installer in the videos did. After 15 years in the industry, he thought knew flake flooring until he learned there was a smarter way.

This is what he had to say:

Why other installers chose smarter garage flake flooring

The installer above switched to Resin Vinyl because he was rashing up with polyaspartics. He didn’t want a lifetime of skin problems, but he wanted to keep offering finished flake floors inside two days.

So, he decided to work smarter.

Here are reasons why other installers changed:

  • One was sick of the traditional PUs staining.
  • One realised he could easily do a double garage, by himself, in just two trips.
  • One was sick of getting bald patches in the flake from using water-based epoxies.
  • One did an abrasion test and saw the exceptional wear properties of Resin Vinyl firsthand.
  • One was tired of doing 5 trips to site just to do one garage.
  • One was worried about exposing his client’s kids to solvent odours.
  • One was tired of getting a sore throat and stinging eyes.
  • One realised he was getting a “headache high” while driving the van home every day.

How does Resin Vinyl look after 12 months?

In the list above we gave some reasons why installers had chosen to work smarter, but there was a big one left out – one that applies to every installer that’s ever tried to run a resin flooring business:

The fear of staining, lifting, premature wearing and other problems that lead to call-backs.

Winning work and getting paid is so important to running a good resin flooring business and you need a garage flake flooring system that is going to keep the client happy for more than a few weeks or months. You need a system that you can bank on, so you can keep your profit and not whittle it away going back to fix problems.

The garage flake flooring project featured in the videos above was a challenging job. It had a north-facing aspect and a protruding front edge exposed to UV, two nosings that copped the full brunt of the cars on entry, and low-profile tyres that tend to be a bigger risk for staining and lifting.

You can see here how it held up after almost 12 months of service:

Want to work smarter, not harder with flake flooring?

Flake flooring is the bread and butter of the resin flooring industry and there has never been a better time to work smarter.

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