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Resin Granite™ Project Review

The Prop House

A photo taken during surface preparation from the back of the large warehouse that was to house the decoration supplies. A low-angle shot of the new flake floor once the business had re-opened and put their products out on display. A view of the new flake floor from the back of the store, looking towards the front entrance with lots of decorations on display.

Project Summary

Client           The Prop House
Location Coorparoo, Queensland
Colour Baltic
Area 450m2
Installer Tough Floors


  • The concrete in the old building was laid decades ago and had been exposed to several different businesses during that time, including a mechanical workshop. As a result some parts of the slab were unfit for flooring and needed replacing, with up to 75mm removed and reinstated in these areas.

  • While the grinding phase of surface preparation went as expected, the patching of cracks and other surface defects proved to be challenging. Unexplained adhesion issues between the primer and some of the patched areas were particularly troublesome, however these were able to be overcome through re-application measures.

  • After the integrity of the subfloor work had been tested and approved, a Baltic Resin Granite™ decorative epoxy flake system was applied with a non-slip particle added to the Ezypoly polyurethane topcoat for improved slip resistance.

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