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WS-100 Project Review

HMAS Darwin & Newcastle Sanitary Spaces

A photo taken before the project with the steel deck primed and ready for installation of the wet-space flooring system. A photo of the wet space system taken after installation had finished, showing the Royal Blue non-slip finish in the sanitary space. A couple of toilet cubicles that are housed in the sanitary space were also completed with the wet-space flooring system.

Project Summary

Client           Royal Australian Navy
Location Sydney, New South Wales
Colour Royal Blue (B12)
Area Various
Installer Defence Floors


  • Following the successful trial in the galley and scullery, the Defence Floors wet-space flooring system was specified for use in the sanitary spaces onboard HMAS Darwin and Newcastle.

  • Containing toilets, showers and change areas, these spaces are constantly wet and can be challenging for some flooring systems. Not only is a consistent level of durable non-slip required over the floor, but work is often completed in high humidity, which can lead to problems such as amine blushing that leaves a floor sticky and more likely to suffer a range of performance issues.

  • As Jaxxon products are completely moisture tolerant, the Defence Floors system was able to be installed in the prevailing conditions without delay or use of de-humidifiers.

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